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Baby Sasha: A Children's Book Adoption Story of Love and Inspiration (Childrens Books 1)

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Baby Sasha: An Adoption Story of Love and Inspiration is the story of two parents who really want to adopt a child, and discover that love is the most important thing children and parents need to be healthy and happy.

Our Real Adoption Story

I believe we are here for a reason. It sounds simplistic but it is a very profound principle of our own existence. International Adoption is not only a conversational topic, but also a life changer for many of us.

I didn’t know that a visit to an adoption agency would be the beginning of a life journey that is still happening every day. It is a journey of love, a journey of giving a young soul, another chance in life. We are the ones who can make a difference in someone’s life! What a remarkable and powerful statement.
It was not an easy journey from the time we started the process. The endless amount of paper work sent back and forth, the social workers involved, and the huge financial commitment were overwhelming.

From the first trip to a very distant place on the map; a trip full of strange faces, unknown friendliness, cultural differences, all with a single purpose: to visit an orphanage in an old building covered with mountains of snow, dirty from the outside, and with a little office. I kept reminding myself: I am here for a good reason, and I better smile and look my best, even though I was sleep deprived for the last few days and very anxious.

I saw a long, dark corridor, and a lady dressed in white, walking towards the office. She must be a nurse I thought. She was grabbing with one hand a little girl with a very pretty red flowery dress. The little girl had short hair, porcelain skin and she looked beautiful. But I will never forget her facial expression: she looked so scared like if she was about to cry.

“This is Alexandra,” the translator said in a cold monotone voice. She was 11 months old. As we looked at her, we could see her anxious hazel eyes looking everywhere. We didn’t know how to ease that tension until I smiled. She looked at me puzzled, but after a few seconds, she smiled back.

My husband grabbed the video camera because we wanted to capture that moment of connection. We gave her a little pink doll that she immediately grabbed and hugged almost like if it was the only toy she ever had. We were so happy that we just wanted to take her home with us that instance, but we knew we couldn’t. It was our first visit. We needed to return a second time before she could come home. Time passed too quickly and before we knew it, we had to leave the orphanage to go back home to the States.

My spirit was broken. I tightly hugged her goodbye and told her I would be back.

For months we kept waiting, sometimes full of hope, sometimes full of tears, and feared that the worst would happen. And indeed, it did. The Russian adoption process was stopped due to an accreditation glitch with the international agencies. Now we were in limbo, we were caught in the middle of something that we couldn’t control. And I started reflecting: we are giving an orphan a second chance, and still, it is so difficult, it is a struggle, a journey without end.

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About the Author

My name is Vivian Torres. My pen name is Cassandra Lane.

I spent over 25 years in the health care industry and I enjoy helping people specially the senior community. I am passionate about writing fiction and non-fiction. My first book, Like Kindred Spirits, is a fiction romance story that takes place between the late 1800 and middle 1900. It deals with the issues of a bi-racial couple that love each other but the challenges in their way prevent them from being together. I am currently working on other fiction, fiction for children and non-fiction books, I hope I can make a positive difference in people’s life.

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