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Voiceless Child: No one dreamed she might survive, might talk. Except two ordinary people ...

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Inspiring true story. "I spoke soothing words and touched her pale fingers. The silent weeping stopped." The baby's chest heaved as she struggled to breathe. Airway scarring rendered spoken language impossible. Heather wasn't my child, but her distress tattered my heart. Fourteen months old, the little one lay swaddled in a blanket, forgotten and lost amongst unchanging hospital routines. Meeting Heather tumbled my husband an me into a troubling maze never envisioned. Might we adopt her? Were the damning medical prophecies true? How could we navigate through any villains who stymied any progress? There is a newer subspecialty, pediatric otolaryngology. These ear, nose, and throat surgeons are dedicated to preserving a child's voice, airways, and hearing. No one dared dream the voiceless child might survive, grow up, and have children of her own. Sometimes dreams come true; sometimes they don't. "Heartwrenching. Captivating. The inspiring story of perseverance is relevant to anyone who is facing a challenging obstacle.” --Excerpt from Foreword  Voiceless Child We all have heroes in our lives—Ann and Heather are two of mine. My part in this story is that of a surgeon, one person on the team that cared for Heather. Voiceless Child kindles the fragile pilot-lights of other searching families and those of the tireless professionals striving to discover solutions to the unresolved puzzles of the many debilitating illnesses. --Dr. Bruce Robert Maddern "Heather’s story is heartwrenching, captivating, frustrating. I was impelled to read on to discover who would help or hinder her recovery. What I learned applauds the magical minds and hands of innovative surgeons. The inspiring story of perseverance is relevant to anyone who is facing a challenging obstacle." --Dar Walks Out, Lakota Sioux, Pine Ridge, South Dakota "A good read. As close friends, we walked along with every step of this amazing true story. The dance began before we consciously heard its soft music." --Celeste and Mark Hoffenberg, Gainesville, Florida "Voiceless Child is a thoughtful exploration of the grace and imperfections inherent in medical care systems and individual providers. Heather epitomizes the motivation for devising surgical procedures that eliminate a parent’s constant worry of death associated with airway disorders." -- Dr. Robin Cotton, director of pediatric otolaryngology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center About the Author: In 1993, Ann Giganti discovered the power of written words to reach far-flung individuals desperate for freedom from illness and isolation. Many people are unaware of the miracles bestowed by surgeons who restore voice and hearing. Thousands of children await a permanent home. Their sorrows motivated Ann to give speeches and publish features in prominent magazines. Publication credits include: Woman’s Day, Bildwoche, and Woman, nursing journals, and adoption literature. The American Academy of Otolaryngology accepted her master’s degree work, “Airway Suction: Not So Simple,” for one of two hundred research posters displayed at their national meeting. As a registered nurse, Ann worked with women giving birth, then switched to the in-home care of critically ill children. Unanswered questions nagged at her and prompted graduate school studies to become a nurse-practitioner. An accomplished nurse-practitioner, certified in both family practice and pediatrics, she has cared for more than fifty thousand patients. In Peoria, Illinois, she tended children undergoing critical heart surgery and those in lung failure. For ten years, Ann worked in general pediatrics with a physician who emigrated from India. Travel assignments take her to clinics in major cities or remote areas such as the Lakota Sioux Indian reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Ann resides with her family in a small beachside community on Florida’s east coast.

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